Jack of Diamonds – Aquarius

Jack of Diamonds – Aquarius

The days are getting longer as the sun continues it’s ascent in Aquarius from January 20th to February 20th. Aquarius’ chief characteristic is, “I reason,” while it’s best quality is altruism and it’s worst quality is being argumentative. The water bearer of Aquarius has the honor of being one of the only constellations that has remained unchanged since the earliest times. Also, in all civilizations the water bearer is represented by the constellation of a man pouring an urn of water into the mouth of the southern fish.

If you have this card in your spread it relates to persons, places, or things ruled by Aquarius.

In human anatomy Aquarius rules the ankles.

Part of country; a temperate climate, neither low nor high, with very changeable weather, thickly settled, including cities. Land not rugged, yet with an artistic view, and chiefly used for human habitation.

Part of city; art stores, furniture stores, electrical stores, radio stores, electric lighting systems, and places where automobiles, airplanes and radios are sold, and their accessories obtained.

Part of home; the electric light, radio, reception room, parlor, stairs, chief furniture, and the artistic things on the wall.