Jack of Clubs – Sagittarius

Jack of Clubs – Sagittarius

The sun reaches it’s lowest point and finds a few days of rest in Sagittarius from November 22nd through to December 22nd. Sagittarius’ chief characteristic is, “I see,” while it’s best quality is loyalty and it’s worst quality is sportiness. Sagittarius was once known as the “bull killer,” for as Sagittarius rises the last of the bull of Taurus is falling below the horizon in the west.

If you have this card in your spread it relates to persons, places, or things ruled by Sagittarius.

In human anatomy Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs.

Part of country; a hot, dry climate in a mountainous country, moderately high. Land covered with woods.

Part of city; churches, lecture halls, court houses, lawyer’s offices, book stores, book publishing establishments and places for meeting for community welfare workers.

Part of home; upstairs rooms, the chimney, cow barns, stables and the private garage.