Jack of Hearts – Pisces

Jack of Hearts – Pisces

Pisces is the suns last stop on it’s way through the zodiac from February 20th to March 21st. Pisces chief characteristic is, “I believe,” while it’s best quality is sympathy and it’s worst quality is worry. Pisces is closely associated with Capricorn in Roman and Greek traditions. It was told that Minerva placed the two fishes in the starry night to commemorate Venus’ and Cupid’s escape from Pan, when Venus changed her form to that of the Sea Goat to escape in the waters of Nile from Pan’s advances.

If you have this card in your spread it relates to persons, places, or things ruled by Pisces.

In human anatomy Pisces rules the ankles.

Part of country; a cool, rainy, foggy climate, moderately low and much broken, shut in on all sides by hills and cut up by ravines. Land about fishponds or through which large rivers or small sluggish creeks flow, or about large lakes, or where there are cool springs of water coming from the ground.

Part of city; hospitals, jails, poorhouses and public charities.

Part of home; sinks, pumps, cisterns, well and gas system.