Queen of Hearts – Scorpio

Queen of Hearts – Scorpio

The sun continues it’s decent as it works it’s way through Scorpio from October 23rd to November 22nd. Scorpio’s chief characteristic is, “I desire,” while it’s best quality is resourcefulness and it’s worst quality is troublesomeness. The scorpion of Scorpio has been interchangeable with the eagle since time immemorial, allegorically one the lowest most poisonous creatures the other the highest and most noble of creatures.

If you have this card in your spread it relates to persons, places, or things ruled by Scorpio.

In human anatomy Scorpio rules the generative organs and procreative attributes.

Part of country; a damp, sultry climate, rather low than high, away from the ocean and in a valley between hills. Land where there are bogs, hot springs, quagmires, swamps, stagnant water and muddy ground.

Part of city; drug stores, doctor’s offices, morgues, slaughter houses, sewers and cesspools.

Part of home; medicine shelves, the toilet and the sewer.

The gems of this House are the Beryl, Aquamarine, Carbuncle, and Lodestone.