0 – The Enneagram

Everything about these cards attempts to depict a living symbol.

The faces of the cards are an animation that progresses through the zodiacs, describing the functioning of an enneagram.

The back of the cards fan into a ring giving a moving look when doing card flourishes.

The art of the Trine deck is a meditation on the functioning of the enneagram. In the following, extremely long, articles I cover the basic fundamental peculiarities of the enneagram as described by George Gurdjieff.

The artistic parameters for this project were to create “objective” art, as George Gurdjieff would define it. Everything has a specific meaning; the colors have meaning and value, the various shapes, the relationships between the shapes and the colors, all of that woven through time.

A lot can be said about George Gurdjieff, and in reality, a lot has been. For 80 years or more the followers of George Gurdjieff have been writing books about their experiences with the philosophy of Gurdjieff. The writings of his followers far eclipse the writings of George Gurdjieff himself.

The one most mystifying thing Gurdjieff left us with was the enneagram. He put a tremendous amount of effort into describing it, and then as he would put it “burying the dog,” he hid it. I have spent a nice chunk of my life unearthing Gurdjieff’s dog.


in de-Constructing the Enneagram we are going to break down the enneagram into its basic parts. Describe what they are supposed to do and how the interact with each other.

in Constructing the Enneagram we are going to take what we learned in de-Constructing the Enneagram and place a chain of events into an enneagram structure. It will be an experiment to describe a number of interlocking enneagrams at once.

in Using the Enneagram we will explore a tarot deck in an enneagram and a peak at the many relationships this process uncovers. This process is a shedding of the classical structure of the tarot and reinvents it to blend with an enneagram in harmony.